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Luxury Modular homes & container homes

shipping container homes_3 bedrooms- Stamford

Stamford Combo

The “Stamford Combo” 40/20 High Cube Container is awesome!!

daintree 20 shipping container home

Daintree 20

Shipping Container Home.

Modular Homes 1,2,3 or  Bedroom,

Looking for that wider room in your modular home !!

Affordable modular housing solutions .!!

1 Bedroom modular  Home- Gumnut Brisbane 4000_0756463729 (6)

Rivergum 1 BR 23 sqm – Brumby 1 BR 27sqm – Gumnut 1/2 BR 39sqm – Grevilia 3 BR 66sqm – Banksia 2Br 81 sqm – Waratah 3BR 88sqm – Acacia 4BR 102 sqm .!!

Modular homes Rivergum 0756463729
Modular homes Brumby 0756463729
Modular homes Rivergum 0756463729
Modular homes Rivergum 0756463729
Modular homes Rivergum 0756463729
Modular homes Rivergum 0756463729
Modular homes Acacia 0756463729

Modular Homes & Container Homes locally designed

We sell Modular kit Homes. We organise installation with QBCC licensed builders. 

Luxury Modular kit homes and container homes for great living and comfort or the AirBnB market

Modular Homes + Portable Container homes

We supply quite an extensive range of Modern, Innovative and Affordable Modular Homes, Granny Flat and Container home solutions, including studios, office and relocatable units. We have Our own unique modular home designs as well as the designs from Australian House Plans architechs and designers. Each Modular Kit home is based off of our designs and can be customed designed. The shipping container home is made from a set plan and can be customised. There is a small fee for doing this, which is deducted off price when you place the order. We  tailor to your needs. Our Standard range  of kit home includes:

Modular homes Include:

  • Rivergum    1 BR 23 sqm.
  • Brumby       1 BR 27sqm.
  • Gumnut       1/2 BR 39 sqm.
  • Grevilia        3 BR 66 sqm.
  • Banksia       2Br 81 sqm.
  •  Waratah     3BR 88 sqm.
  • Acacia          4BR 102 sqm.
  • Granny Flats – ( The name is interchangeable with Modular homes and Container Homes)
  • Site Offices   20 or 40ft
  • Teenage Retreats
  • Cabins / Studio’s
  • Man Caves
  • Hobby Rooms
  • Home Hair Dressing Salons

Container homes Sizes range from 20ft 6m x 2.44 sqm, to 40ft 12m x 2.44 to suit whatever the application required. We build containers homes and sell off the plan products or we can create a much larger custom container home.

Container homes are a little smaller in width at 2.44 externally, than the Modular homes. Modular homes are 3.4sqm wide

Are you Researching and working out budgets?


We have a great team of people around us.

We are very proud of our range of Modular kit homes + Portable container homes. We endeavour to supply quality affordable house solution in Queensland and NSW, well designed homes for our clients. When  you are looking to buy a Modular home kit or portable container home, make it a priority to research and visit us. Our combined team has 30 years plus in business, building, manufacturing, certification, sales and deliveries. You can take comfort in knowing we will look after you.

We have a team of people who head up our marketing branch.  Once you have made contact by phone or on our signup  form they will call  you back and guide you through the design and pre-certification processes ( If you choose this) for your property prior to placing any deposit down.

We aim for excellence in customer satisfaction whether you choose to purchase from us or not.

We hope you have a great and awesome day.

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