Living in Tiny Home Space

Big Ideas for small places

living in tiny homes

Whether you’re looking to declutter your home, or making big plans to move into a tiny space container home or grany flat, this book offers inspiring insights into making the most out of the square footage you have, and turning any space into a beautiful, comfortable, and efficient tiny home living .

Around the world people are choosing to live small – whether it’s downsizing from a large home or converting a van into a house on wheels. This gorgeous book looks at a variety of scenarios, taking readers across the globe and inside the doors of remarkable compact homes. Interior design expert Marion Hellweg combines her years of experience with that of inveterate style bloggers to offer practical and innovative advice on interior design; storage solutions; finding adaptable, multifunctional furniture; decluttering and organising; and, more generally, leading a mindful, eco-conscious minimalist lifestyle.

Filled with mood board-type layouts that offer hundreds of great ideas, this book does more than offer an architectural survey of tiny homes – it illustrates room-by-room real world examples of how people are adopting a sustainable lifestyle that minimises things and maximises quality of life. Inspiring as well as practical, this book is the first step toward imagining and creating your own small happy place.

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