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Bush Ranger 3 Bedroom

Bush ranger off grid 3 Bedroom shipping container home

The  Bush Ranger3-4 Bedroom Off Grid design high cube container “Just Awesome.!!

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Our exceptional 20ft & 40 ft portable container homes.


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Specs on Bush Ranger 3-4 Bedroom

Dimensions- Information to be updated

40ft- 12m x 2.4- 29sqm (approximate dimensions)

New Build

New Build High Cube Container.

Entertainment Area included

Our exceptional design caters for and includes:

Large Integrated Decking with Ceiling Fan/Light

Colourbond choice of colours

Exterior Painted to the Colour of Your Choice.

Australian Climate insulation

Fully Insulated Walls R2

Ceiling R3

Water proofing +

We  provide additonal components to our design to make sure any potentialwater proofing or condensation issues are minisied to the max that why we also include:

  • Waterproof Membrane
  • Mechanical Ventilation
Timber framing

Treated Timber Frame.


Hybrid Waterproof Laminate Timber Flooring.

Featured walls

Feature A Grade Timber Plywood to Back Wall and Ceiling

Bonus Acoustic panelling

We decided to up the anti in our Day dream and provide you with acoustic panelling on the walls

Black Acoustic Pinboard to Other Walls

Here at Granny Flats 4U we have a great team of people around us.

We are very proud of our range of Portable container homes as well. We endeavour to build quality affordable, well designed homes for our clients. When  you are looking to buy a portable container home, make it a priority to research and visit us. Our combined team has 30 years plus in business, building, manufacturing, certification, sales and deliveries. You can take comfort in knowing we will look after you.

National Sales Team

We  have a  National Sales branch with great people to talk with. Once you have made contact by phone or on our signup form they will call  you back and guide you through the design and pre-certification processes for your property prior to placing any deposit down. We aim for excellence in customer satisfaction whether you choose to purchase from us or not. We hope you have a great and awesome day Sincerely Steve