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Daintree 40ft 1 Bedroom

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The Daintree 40ft design high cube container . Just awesome.!!

Beautiful container Homes

Container homes Brisbane 1 and 2 Bedrooms

When it comes to 1 or 2 Bedroom 40ftcontainer homes in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Queensland region, we believe we are the a great choice for you to research with.

Our price range on our 40ft Transportable homes are great. We provide professionally built container homes and have some great tradesman who help build them as well.

Our 40ft container homes are new builds and built on site at Helensvale.

We have been building and delivering these 1 and 2 Bedroom Transportable homes to clients in Australia,Cook Islands and New Zealand.

 Delivery – No Problem. We can assist in that.

Here at Granny Flats4U , we supply quite an extensive range of Modern, Innovative and
Affordable Granny Flat solutions, including studios, relocatable units and more. Our unique designs are made to suit each individual customer. We  tailor to your needs. Our Standard range  of buildings includes:

  • Granny Flats
  • Site Offices
  • Teenage Retreats
  • Cabins / Studio’s
  • Man Caves
  • Hobby Rooms
  • Home Hair Dressing Salons

Sizes range from 6 x 3m up to 12 x 3.4m, to suit whatever the application required.

Shipping container homes Brisbane
How much does it cost to make a house out of containers?

Shipping container homes will vary in cost depending on if you are buying the container itself and doing a DIY with it.  A starting price for our model sis around $82,750 + GST

When you build it yourself it can cost you around $55,000 to do…,plus other addon costs on average. Don’t forget when someone else builds it for you there are all the labour costs to allow for. Cost will also depent on whether you build stand alone units or an actual big home.., the price can increase dramatically to between $69,750,000 for our range of homes to over $200,000.

Can you build a container home in Queensland?

Shipping container homes for  Queensland are a cost efficent yet wonderful residential solution.

If you are interested in building a container home, contact our experienced team. Call us direct or fill in our form our national sales team will be in touch.

Who build container homes in Brisbane?

We have a number of clients we have sold to in the Brisbane region…We are working on a 2 x 40 ft container home for a client now. We would love to speak with you further. Perhaps you might like to book in our free design consult as well.  We dont take any deposits until you have goine through our precertification process which provides the whol council approval process.

What problems can arise with container homes?

Part of the appeal of container homes specifically is that they are already built and they’re a chance to recycle old shipping containers, giving them new purpose. We would suggest you use New build containers.

What are the disadvantages with container homes?
Shipping container homes have a few notable disadvantages:
  • Obtaining building permits can be difficult. …that why getting a precertification done on your container home before you buy it is important.
How many years to container homes last?

The timeframe for a container homs varies depending on the environment it is placed in and the maintenance performed on it.

A container home built from new build shipping containers could  last about 15 – 50 years .

Do container homes hold their value?
Generraly speaking Shipping container homes do keep their value for a number of years.
It is possible that then value is similar to the prices in the housing market.
There is a demand for them so their value is increasing.
Does a container home need a foundation?

Footings are always needed for your container home. They can come in various shapes and sizes.

A simple foundation on relatively flat ground is besa blocks or cut up sleepers.

We suggest a minimum of 300 mm off the ground for air circulation.

We also recommend surefoot. look up


Do container homes get hot?

Are shipping container homes hot?

A shipping container home can get very hot during warm weather if it is not insulated or have adeqaute ventilation like ours with the positioning of window, ac and fans

Container homes are made from steel. Placing a roof over or adding plants and shrubs around can also assit in any heat reduction.



Do container homes rust?
Container homes may rust if not properly maintained. Prevention is the best medicine. Keep fallen branches off the roof. Most shipping containers are made from COR-TEN steel, which is strong, durable, and resistant to corrosion.


Can container homes be insured ?
Most certainly. There is affordable insurance available for modular, tiny and container homes.


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