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Melbourne Floods - Portable accommodation

Melbourne Floods - Portable accommodation

There is some pretty serious flooding going on down in the Mornington peninsula, Melbourne and surrounding regions.. We know what that is like having had people effected that we know up in Qld and Northern NSW as well.

It is important to remain safe and band together and help each other. Your family and community is the most important. You will need each other to battle this through.

Make sure you get to high ground and try and save water and food where possible.

After the rain has gone the cleanup, and where to live will come front and centre in  your mind. Where do we live? What can we afford now. What are the best options and who can build in the time-frame we need.

Can we get insurance?

Who will support us?

There will be many questions and answered needed quickly.

We supplied a number of affordable accommodation and homes  for people in Lismore and surrounding areas.

If you need someone to talk with please give us a call.

It may take awhile for the cleanup to take place and we know emotionally it will drain you as well.  You must help each other out and support each other.

Take care f  guys at Granny flat4u.

Container homes- Melbourne

“Free Design Consult meeting”

,When it comes to placing a container home on your property you need someone you can trust with the process.

We provide a wonderful Pre certification’ service that takes you all the way through to placing the Container home on  your property whether here on the Gold Coast or in the wider Queensland , New South Wales, Melbourne region. If there is something we cant do we generally can find a solution.

We will make the process for council applications a little easier for you.

Our exceptional 20ft & 40 ft  container homes.

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We offer versatility and any internal design.
We also offer proven designs with 1,2 and 3 bedroom container home layouts.

We deliver across Australia.

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