What is the average cost of a container home?

What is the average cost of a container home?

Prices will vary depending on whether you are wanting a fully engineered deisgner home and make the descision to keep it simple, affordable and practical.

Some quick number crunching will show you that you can spend upwards of 250,000 or more or you can buy a refurbished 40ft and 20ft portable container home for around $90,000… this will give you 2 accommodation units both with bathrooms and kitchens and living areas. Then you can add a deck and roof on top….

So the average cost of a container home will be between $49,950 to $250.000 or more.


 The Cost of Building a Shipping Container Home


You will no doubt have a number of questions about building this container home.

 If you talk with an Architect you may get something like a 2 storey home with a number of features , 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a laundry, pantry and other elements

Some container homes can set you back $190,00 or more, but choosing a different route could save you thousands


Calculating the cost of a shipping container home


We are all looking for ways around this housing crisis that has hit us right. Lets break down the costs for you.

The container itself will be the most expensive part…

Next is site preparation and footings. Assembly on site and getting tradesman out to do the work


Shipping Container Modification Cost

• Heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical: $25,000
• Roofing and insulation: $15000
• Doors and windows: $7,000
• Flooring: $5,500
• Painting and wall finishes: $6,200
• Shelves and closets: $2,200

Unlimited Designs with A Shipping Container Home - TargetBox Container Rental and Sales

The design possibilities are endless with a shipping container home. – DMagazine





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    Bedroom 2 -Study

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    Bathroom - Shower Toilet

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