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We supply 20ft containers either as 1 stop shop ( They have had 1 trip ) or second hand containers. GP General Purpose or HC  High Cube Containers.

They can be used for a variety of things such as Music studios, Hair salons, Man caves, Cafe kiosk, Cabana pool entertainment. SIte office or business office. Home office.

As a small business owner these are ideal and an affordable option. These 20ft shipping containers are strong and durable. There are many ways to add yoru createive touch to these pods.

We install insulation, gyprock or wall panelling. We can even add acoustic sound panels where you need them. AMple power points and lights. TV points if you need them.

You can also claim these as a tax deduction, which makes it an ideal investment in your home based business.

Optimising your presentation and look you may choose an A grade container, however if you are creative there are some unique elements you can add to the exterior if you choose a second hand B or C grade

We cannot guarantee how many dents there will be in the 2nd hand ones but theres plenty of ways to make them look nice, by addding plants or cladding around them.

Fully insulated – Earthwool – walls and ceiling

1800w sliding door

LED downlights

Airconditioner – supplied only

4 x double power points

Caravan style plug (10amps)

 Flooring – Hybrid vinyl

Exterior Colour of choice

Choice from Colorbond range

Windows – optional extra

* Installation and approvals are the responsibility of the purchaser.

* Delivery and optional extras will incur additional cost.

* Furniture and accessories for display only and not included.

20 ft office is a beautiful addition to your home office.!!

20ft portable container site office

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